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Features Jadoo5 Jadoo4 Jadoo3 Other IPTV Boxes
2 Year Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
1000+ Live TV Channels
Bollywood Movies via EROSNow Movies Free Free
Million Hours of VOD content
Mirroring App (JadooCast)
JadooGO App for Mobile Devices Free for 1 Year Free for 1 Year
Bluetooth Interface
My Photoframe with Facebook, Instagram & Flickr Apps
My Music with Amazon Music, Pandora, Saavn and Spotify Apps
Air Remote with Voice Search
4K Resolution
Live News Feeds
Daily Horoscope
eMedia App
Catch Up TV 7 Days
Recently Played Items
Channel Recall
Preferred Content Option
Section Switch from any Section
Android Box
24/7 Customer Support